Maxwell Silverman's BanquetHEREMaxwell Silverman's



Veal Maxine $22.
Thinly sliced veal sautéed with proscuitto, mushrooms and finished with a marsala demiglaze topped with melted provolone cheese

Veal Chop Oscar $23.
Marinated veal chop grilled and finished with crabmeat and asparagus in a BeĢarnaise sauce

Boursin Chicken $19.
Chicken breast wrapped in flaky puffed $21 pastry filled with asparagus and Boursin cheese, baked until golden brown drizzled with honey mustard

Cornish Hen $19.
Roasted Cornish game served on top of grilled pineapple

All above Entrees served with your choice of potato, rice or vegetable du jour

Any changes in menu prices will be recited by your server prior to ordering.